Delay the Wolvercote Roundabout work

The Lib Dem team are concerned that work on First Turn will overlap with work on Wolvercote roundabout.


The Lib Dem team are now very concerned that the work at First Turn might clash with work starting at Wolvercote Roundabout. This could lead to complete traffic chaos.

They are calling on the County Council to delay work on the roundabout until after the work at First Turn has been completed.

If you agree with the Lib Dems, please sign this petition:

"I request that Oxfordshire County Council delays the work on Wolvercote Roundabout until after the work on the First Turn bridge has been completed."

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    I strongly believe that planning to work on the Wolvercote Roundabout knowing the work to be overlapping by several months with First Turn being closed to traffic is an example of very bad planning by whoever is responsible for it in the council.

    Nothing is impossible – if overseen by a person with experience and authority and with the right information to hand. So as its clear that this has not been planned in an appropriate way – it is important for someone with more experience in planning to over-ride this school-boy error.
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    Sign the petition: Delay the Wolvercote Roundabout work
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    Who is responsible for for such ill thought out proposals? What changes are planned for Mere Road, to even start to cope with the increased traffic up and down that road?
  • signed 2015-01-30 10:48:52 +0000
    The Northern Gateway project should not be allowed unless there are radical improvements to the road infrastructure to resolve all the highly probable and foreseeable knock-on impacts of this project. Can you please campaign to ensure that the free flow of traffic into, out of, and around Oxford at all times is made possible without any roundabouts, junctions and traffic lights and other pinch-points that cause congestion and tail-backs? A couple of “Link” roads will not be nearly enough. Unfortunately for the environment, only a hugely expensive “Spaghetti Junction” interchange between the A40 and A34 would achieve this. Some serious long-term planning at a national level is needed.
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    It is bad enough that First Turn will be closed for the work on the bridge, which will cause chaos and horrific inconvenience for many people, but to allow work on Wolvercote Roundabout at the same time would be unbelievable.
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    There remains a lot of clarification needed before any work is started, not least with regard to the impact on the Greenbelt and related traffic issues beyond the immediate vicinity.
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    I cannot believe that any such plan is in place. This community is already threatened with large-scale disruption as all traffic from upper Wolvercote comes down to Godstow Road to reach the roundabout. To add roundabout work to it would add to the mayhem, to the extent that many would exit the village via Wytham, leading to trouble on the narrow bridges. Please, please, let sense prevail. A visit to the area by those concerned is obviously in order.
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    Sign the petition: Delay the Wolvercote Roundabout work
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