Don't Move the Marcham Rd Crossing

I/we, the undersigned, request that Oxfordshire County Council Cabinet decides to keep the Marcham Road crossing at its current site.

It was put at its current site because that is the safest and most convenient crossing point for pedestrians and that is where it should stay.


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    As well a the safety issue, any changes will worsen the traffic queues on Drayton Road once the new housing is completed.

    Hallam calculated that the new crossing layout would shorten the Drayton Rd AM peak hour queue by 30 vehicles. Taylor Wimpey have calculated that 84 cars would leave their new development during the AM peak. This must mean that the queue will get longer if more than 30 cars travel north. The Planning Inspector concluded that the new housing should not go ahead if it made the traffic on the Drayton Rd worse, which it will.
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    Moving the crossings won’t solve any traffic issues in my opinion, they will, however, add to many many school children, and other pedestrians, crossing these already extremely roads, at unsafe points because the crossings will be too far to walk to. Monitoring needs to take place EVERY weekday morning to see how many school children walk this route to get to school, and how much traffic already clogs the roads.
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    As a parent with a child who uses the Marcham Road crossing twice a day, I cannot see how anyone could think that moving it to a different location would be a good idea.
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    More danger to school children and cyclists
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    I live and work close to the Marcham Road and feel strongly that moving the crossing would be a disaster. The crossing was put there in the first place to alleviate the issues found on the road. I would invite those proposing the crossing plus the changes elsewhere (i.e. the new housing development proposal, another disaster in waiting) to visit the area at peak times and see for themselves the traffic problems that desparately need sorting; it is a nightmare for anyone who lives in the area to travel ANYWHERE at ANYTIME bar late evening or very early morning – a new crossing would simply exacerbate the problem.
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    The safety of our children must not be compromised. The crossing is located where it is now for a reason. Safety must come first and not the builders balance sheets.
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    The lives of the children of Abingdon must not be put at risk to enhance the balance sheets of these builders.
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    My grandson uses the crossing and I know he will not use the crossing if it is moved further up Marcham Road
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    This is a really important issue in my local community. Please sign the petition: Don't Move the Marcham Rd Crossing
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    This is a really important issue in my local community. Please sign the petition: Don't Move the Marcham Rd Crossing
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    The crossinf is where it is because that is where pedestrians need to cross. Moving it will be less safe.