Minimise Nuisance from HS2 Traffic

 Layla, Jean & Baroness Kramer - Rail Development

 Layla Moran discussing rail development with local Councillor Jean Fooks and former Transport Minister Baroness Kramer


Recent news that HS2 construction may give rise to a substantial increase in freight trains running through Wolvercote has caused much concern. 

As yet there is no decision on this but we are asking for more information. Cllr John Howson has suggested a flyover north of the ring road that could take the railway out of Wolvercote completely. We will be trying to explore this option more fully.

The local Lib Dem team have launched a campaign to get the Department of Transport to do what it can to minimise the impact on our local community.

We ask that the Department of Transport does everything it can to minimise any possible nuisance from this plan.


Will you sign?