Conor McKenzie - Jericho & Osney

Conor is the best choice to be our next City Councillor in the upcoming elections on Thursday 5th May, having ran in the last set of elections in 2014 and being an active campaigner since, he has proven that he will both listen to and fight for the issues that local residents care about.

Port_Meadow1_(crop).jpgHe has continued to press the Labour-run City Council to reform their centralised planning approach following the fiasco over the flats which currently dominate Port Meadow, in contrast to the Labour Councillor who was Chair of the approval committee that failed to consult even his own residents.

One of the core issues that Conor has been campaigning on has been fair treatment of the homeless, some of the most vulnerable people in our community. If elected, he will fight to remove Labour's up-to-£1,000 fine on the homeless, while lobbying for greater investment in support services where possible. In contrast, the Labour councillor up for election in Jericho & Osney has been a senior councillor and architect of the Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) which introduced this fine, describing the move as the "easier and less expensive" option for dealing with the poorly defined 'aggressive begging'.

Conor cares passionately about the Jericho & Osney area, and will fight for more affordable housing, to support the homeless, and for greater focus on cycling in the City.