About Layla

Layla lives in Oxford and is a Physics and Maths teacher by profession with over ten years experience, she was the youngest Head of Year in her school's history and went on to lead curriculum development.  Currently she works with an Oxford-based social enterprise to deliver exam preparation courses for IB students.

She has an international background; her mother is a Christian Arab from Jerusalem, and her father is a British EU Ambassador. She has lived in many countries including Belgium, Greece, Ethiopia, Jamaica and Jordan, and speaks French fluently along with some Spanish, Arabic and Greek.

Layla entered party politics after a degree in Physics at Imperial College and gained a masters in Comparative Education. She felt compelled to change the fact that an individual's chances of success are intimately linked to the background of their parents, rather than their own potential.

She believes that government policy should be based on evidence not political posturing and rhetoric. If elected as the MP, Layla will fight for better local infrastructure (transport, housing and schools), and a long term solution to local flooding. She has already demonstrated her commitment to increasing local jobs opportunities, promoting apprenticeships and investment in the science industry.