Wootton Rd Roundabout


Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate Layla Moran and local Councillor Margaret Crick have been campaigning for the County Council to review the Wootton Road roundabout, which has been suffering from congestion since changes made by Conservative Councillors were implemented. 


We've heard from a lot of local residents about the problems with the Wootton Rd roundabout after the changes made to it by Conservative County Councillors.  

The local Lib Dem team is campaigning for the County Council to review the situation and make changes to the roundabout if necessary to reduce the traffic queues.

If you agree with the Lib Dems' campaign, please sign the petition below.

'I call on Oxfordshire County Council to urgently review the impact of the changes and improve how the Wootton Rd roundabout works to reduce the long traffic queues.'


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    I can’t see any sense in the changes that have been made. Narrowing to one lane on the approach to the road about makes no senses and adds to congestion. The crossing they have put in is extremely dangerous on the exit of the roundabout especially when turning left from the Wootton direction
  • signed 2015-02-25 16:08:06 +0000
    The obvious solution, albeit distasteful to the Council, would be to reverse the changes. It should have been obvious to anyone that narrowing the road would increase congestion rather than decrease it. In addition, the County Council themselves have stated in the past that stop-start motoring increases pollution, so if only on environmental grounds, the roundabout should revert to its original configuration.
  • signed 2015-02-22 13:48:20 +0000
    Who ever was responsible for the work that was done clearly made a mistake. The pedestrian crossing is in the wrong place. Most pedestrians are going from dunmore road to Copenhagen drive in my opinion (kids going to and from larkmead) so IF a crossing is needed it should be on wootton road (college side). As for the block pathing that is just a joke.
  • signed 2015-02-21 12:52:48 +0000
    I completely agree that this project needs to be urgently reviewed
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  • signed 2015-02-12 23:15:37 +0000
    Everything about this crossing is wrong

    1 Restricting the entry onto the roundabout causes a build up of traffic

    2 Cars can no longer filter to turn left and therefore a simple way of improving flow has been cut off

    3 The roundabout is part ‘paved’ with no indication as to why and therefore confusing and dangerous.

    4 The pedestrian crossing leads no where!! The only footpath leads to crossing the road again where there are no traffic lights.

    5 Children walking from White Cross / Wootton would need to cross 3 roads to get to any of the Secondary Schools if they were to use the pedestrian crossing or just 1 road if they chose not to.

    6 By far the busiest crossing point at the top of Wootton Rd is used by many many more people does not have a traffic light crossing.

    Whoever designed this crossing change should be given a lollipop and made to stand on duty every morning at this roundabout until it is sorted out
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