Layla Moran

Layla votes to protect over 19,000 pensioners in Oxford West and Abingdon hit by Conservative broken promise on triple lock

Layla Moran, this week voted to maintain the pensions triple lock and protect over 19,000 of her constituents who stand to be affected by its suspension. Figures published by the Liberal Democrats show that 19,698 state pensioners in Oxford West and Abingdon are set to be impacted by the Governme...

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Moran: planning reform pause “victory for the Liberal Democrats”

Responding to news that the Government has paused its planning reforms after a backlash from the Liberal Democrats, opposition parties, and Conservative MPs, Layla Moran MP said: “This is a victory for the Liberal Democrats - the writing has been on the wall for the Tories over their misguided, u...

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Layla Moran: Conservatives “completely out of touch” on Universal Credit

Layla Moran joined other opposition MPs and some Conservative MPs in voting to demand the Government makes the Universal Credit uplift permanent. Speaking after the Parliamentary debate and vote, Layla Moran, “Boris Johnson and the Conservative MPs who abstained in this afternoon’s vote are compl...

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About Layla and the local Lib Dems

Layla is part of a growing local team for the Liberal Democrats in the constituency of Oxford West & Abingdon. You can find out more information about Layla and the local Lib Dem team here.

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