Layla Moran

Capital Gains and UK Inequality Report

 Capital Gains and UK Inequality ReportLayla Moran MP has responded to the ‘Capital Gains and UK Inequality: New evidence from tax microdata,’ report, published on Thursday 21st May 2020.

Liberal Democrat MP and Leadership candidate Layla Moran said: "It is fundamentally wrong that people who get their income from betting on the stock market or playing the property market pay less tax than those who go to work and keep our public services going.

"We need serious economic changes in this country to make it work for everyone. We need a Universal Basic Income to protect the most vulnerable in the aftermath of this crisis, and we need to start taking happiness and health into account as well as profit. Coronavirus has exposed the deep inequalities in our society, and in fact they have already widened because of it. Left unchecked this spells disaster for our social fabric. As we start to edge towards recovery we need to examine how we don’t just halt but reverse this trend."

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