Layla Moran

'unjust and unfair' NHS surcharge for overseas NHS and social care staff

health surchargeAfter the Prime Minister rejected opposition calls to scrap the health surcharge for overseas NHS and social care workers. Layla Moran has written to all newly elected Conservative MPs to urge them to vote against the Government on the 'unjust and unfair' health surcharge, which overseas NHS and social care workers have to pay.

The Immigration Health Surcharge adds £400 a year to the cost of a UK visa per person for temporary migrants, meaning an NHS worker with a family of four is required to pay £1,600 a year or £8,000 over five years. Under Government plans announced in the Budget on 11 March, the fees are set to rise to £624 a year and be extended to NHS staff from the EU from January 2021.
In the letter, Layla Moran MP for Oxford West & Abingdon says: "I am writing to you regarding the NHS fee exemption for migrant NHS and care workers. I strongly agree with colleagues who have pointed out to the Government that we should show generosity of spirit towards those to whom we owe so much, and welcome the actions of those who have indicated they have made representations behind the scenes and would consider defying the whip. 

I write to urge you to consider doing the same.... please speak up for these valued key workers, no matter where they were born, and consider joining your colleagues by speaking to your whips about the NHS surcharge if you haven’t already.  If we stand up together for what is right and just, no matter our political party, then we can make this change happen."

 Layla Moran MP said: “The Government’s plan is unfair and unjust. The Britain of the NHS surcharge is not my Britain. My Britain is a place that welcomes and rewards the people saving lives on the frontline of the crisis, rather than penalising them."
“I am urging newly elected Conservative MPs to help us force a U-turn in government policy and scrap the NHS surcharges. It is the right thing to do for all those brave NHS workers from overseas, who are on the frontline of the battle against Coronavirus.”

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