Layla Moran

Oxford West & Abingdon Volunteer Briefing

Who is Layla Moran?

  • Physics teacher by profession, school governor in spare time
  • She lives in North Oxford
  • She is fighting against the cuts to our local schools and NHS
  • She is concerned about the impacts that Brexit will have on our local businesses and community.


What are the key messages?

1. Layla Moran works hard for local residents and is fighting their corner on:

  • Brexit – the only party fighting for a referendum on the terms of the final deal

  • NHS – Fighting the harsh Conservative cuts to our local health services. Invest in our NHS and social care through 1p on income tax, raising an extra £6bn. Invest in mental health care.

  • Schools funding – Layla is fighting against Theresa May’s grammar schools pet project, which is slashing comprehensive school funding in the process.


2. The Conservatives cannot be trusted to fight for us

Blackwood’s broken promises:

  • Europe & the Single Market

    • The Tory MP voted to trigger Article 50, giving the government a black cheque to deliver a Hard Brexit.

  • Children’s Centres

    • Blackwood claimed in 2015 that she’d “won the battle to save our Children’s Centres”, yet following the election the Tories announced they were closing most centres across the county, including Summertown. 


3. Labour can’t win here, meanwhile the Green Party have withdrawn to help Layla win.



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