Layla Moran

Disappointment as Budget fails to rule out Expressway route through Botley

Layla has expressed disappointment after the Government's Budget failed to rule out the Oxford-Cambridge Expressway being routed through Botley.


Layla Moran MP & Transport Minister Jesse Norman during a visit to Botley to discuss the Expressway

Commenting on a Government report on the Cambridge-Milton Keynes-Oxford arc published as part of the Budget which did not rule out the Expressway going through Botley, local MP Layla Moran said:

“The Government’s response to the Oxford-Cambridge Arc was an ideal opportunity to do the right thing and rule out expanding the A34 to make way for the Expressway, demolishing homes and schools in the centre of Botley in the process.

“I won’t rest until this option has been ruled out by the Government.

“Whilst the Chancellor mentioned pressing ahead with the Oxford-Cambridge rail link in his speech, which is of course welcome, I am disappointed that he didn’t give a commitment to making sure that this new rail link will be electrified. This, along with other public transport and cycling infrastructure, must be a priority above the new Oxford-Cambridge Expressway.”

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