Layla Moran

Budget bonus for “little extras” an insult for schools

Layla has reacted angrily to the Chancellor Philip Hammond saying that he will provide bonuses to schools "for little extras".

Reacting to the Chancellor’s announcement that he will provide £400 million for “in-year bonuses” for schools in England, former teacher and Liberal Democrat Education spokesperson Layla Moran MP said:

“While of course any extra funding for schools is welcome, giving tiny amounts to schools and saying it will help them cover ‘little extras’ is an insult to teachers and parents who are trying to cope with to the years of rising costs and funding cuts schools have had to endure.

“One-off payments of £10,000 for primaries and £50,000 for secondaries will not replace teaching assistants, teachers and special educational needs staff, nor will it repair crumbling buildings or help schools cover the rising costs like National Insurance contributions and the apprenticeship levy.

“The Chancellor has disgracefully ducked the difficult issue of long-term school funding, meaning schools will have to continue to cut staff, axe extra-curricular activities and ask parents for money to pay for the basics like books and pens.”

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