Layla Moran

Coronavirus in Prisons: “We’re on the brink of seeing a mental health catastrophe”

“We’re on the brink of seeing a mental health catastrophe”Layla Moran has called for the Ministry of Justice to urgently invest in prisons, after a Minister admitted prisons could see a rise in violence and self-harm as a result of the Government's Covid-19 lockdown measures. 

Minister Lucy Frazer said in response to a Parliamentary Question that it was unfortunate the nations’ prisons would see prisoners spending more time in their cells, which could cause an increase to self-harm and violence. 

This has been labelled by Layla as the brewing up of a “toxic mix” which could have a drastic effect on a prison system that is already having to “fight a pandemic on a shoestring.”
Lib Dem MP Layla Moran said:   "We’re on the brink of seeing a mental health catastrophe in our prisons, and the Government have admitted that violence and self-harm could rise as a result.  

"It is time for the Government to truly invest in our prisons and their staff rather than running them into the ground. We have a system close to collapse, having to fight a pandemic on a shoestring.

"Otherwise they are brewing up a toxic mix which could be catastrophic for our prisons."

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