Layla Moran

Create COVID review now to prepare for second spike

\Layla Moran MP has called on the government to listen to health leaders and establish an urgent review and cross-party group to help the UK to prepare for a second wave of coronavirus.  

Urging the government to create a cross-party panel of senior MPs to review the issue that is fully transparent and independent of Government. Layla has also called on the government to keep the Nightingale hospitals mothballed and has demanded the government keep the Furlough Scheme ticking over to it can be re-started again if there was a second spike.

Layla, who is the Lib Dem MP for Oxford West and Abingdon Layla Moran said:  "The government needs to listen to the concerns being raised by scientists and medical experts and implement an urgent review into its handling of the coronavirus so far. We need to ensure that any review is fully independent of the government, fully transparent, and that all parties are then invited to come together to develop practical recommendations. 

"We know that significant mistakes have been made, from the failure to get a test and trace system up and running to lack of PPE. An honest, independent appraisal of these mistakes would ensure the right lessons are learned.

"This isn't about attributing blame, it's about coming together as a country and taking urgent action to save lives ahead of a potential second wave."

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