Layla Moran

Daily Express backs Layla's campaign for Coronavirus Compensation Scheme

Layla Moran MP

At the end of March Layla wrote to the Prime Minister with the support of 50 cross-party MPs, for a Coronavirus Compensation Scheme to support those brave frontline staff who are working to save and help others. This week the Express newspaper has backed Layla's campaign. 


So far 50 MPs and over 8000 members of the public have already supported the petition and the Express has reported its over 100 NHS frontline workers have died. Layla Moran MP has called on the Government to introduce the scheme without delay

Layla said:  “I’d like to thank the Express for backing the campaign for a Coronavirus Compensation Scheme, which will protect the families of frontline workers who lose their lives, and for suggesting other measures, such as a national monument, to honour our brave NHS heroes.
Our gratitude to all those on the frontline, who are working to save and help others, is limitless. They are putting their lives on the line and they should know that, should the worst happen, the state will help their families.
“I wrote to the Prime Minister with the support of 50 cross-party MPs at the end of March, when the first doctor had died. Now, over 100 NHS workers have tragically lost their lives, and that’s not to mention carers, bus drivers and other frontline workers. It’s time for the Government to introduce this compassionate Compensation Scheme without delay.”

Layla's Petition can be found here.

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