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Deputy Prime Minister speaks out against Campsfield House expansion

The Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg MP, recently added his voice to Layla's campaign opposing the proposed expansion of Campsfield House Detention Centre.



Speaking about the proposed expansion of Campsfield House immigration centre, the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg MP, said:

“Layla Moran is a hardworking local campaigner and I know she cares very deeply about getting the best outcome for the people of Oxfordshire. I have spoken to her and other campaigners who oppose the expansion of Campsfield House Immigration Detention Centre.

“I agree with Layla that there does not appear to be a clear case for expanding Campsfield House. The Liberal Democrats are focused on getting the immigration system right and finding alternatives to detention - not simply locking up more people. 

"We have already legislated to end the detention of children. The Home Office needs to improve the speed and accuracy of immigration and asylum decisions. This will reduce demand, help save money, and mean we can eventually close centres such as Campsfield House.” 

You can read more on Mr Clegg's comments which were reported in The Oxford Mail by following the link.


If you support Layla's campaign, please follow the link below to sign the petition.

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