Layla Moran

Major risk of empty shop shelves & disruption at ports as Government fails to prepare for Brexit

An influential cross-party Parliamentary committee whose members include Layla Moran has demanded action from the Government by Christmas as they find there is a high risk of disruption at UK ports after Brexit.

The House of Commons Public Accounts Committee – which scrutinises government spending and value for money for the taxpayer – has today (28th November) published its report into the Department for Transport and its preparations for Brexit.

The committee concludes that:

  • There is slow progress and poor communication around Project Brock (plans for a 13 mile lorry park on the M20)
  • The ability of businesses to plan is hampered by secrecy, non-disclosure agreements with transport companies and lack of detailed information from the Government
  • The Public Accounts Committee demands an action plan from the Government before Christmas

There is a real risk that the Department for Transport will not be ready for Brexit, especially a no-deal scenario – which could see huge tailbacks and delays at ports.

The Committee also found that the lack of detailed information provided to businesses to help them prepare and the secrecy surrounding discussions through the use of non-disclosure agreements is hampering businesses’ ability to plan.

Questions asked in Parliament by Layla Moran found that the Department for Transport has signed 28 Non-Disclosure Agreements with external companies and organisations companies – meaning they can’t say what the Government is planning as it prepares for Brexit

Public Accounts Committee member Layla Moran commented:

“Instead of being honest and open with the public and businesses about the risks of delays and chaos at British ports if we leave the EU, our Committee’s investigations found that the Government are refusing to provide information people need to plan.

“To add insult to injury, the Department for Transport is being exceptionally secretive and has even signed 28 non-disclosure agreements with transport companies meaning they can’t discuss the Government’s contingencies for Brexit.

“If we see massive delays, tailbacks and lorry parks on motorways like the M20 leading to Dover, then within days we risk shortages of food and other essentials.

“This just isn’t good enough – which is why we are demanding an action plan from the Government before Christmas.”

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