Layla Moran

Do “whatever it takes” to keep Children’s Air Ambulance in the skies

Layla Moran, has written to the Government urging them to do “whatever it takes” to make sure the Kidlington based Children’s Air Ambulance charity, gets the emergency funding it needs to continue to provide its life-saving service to kids across the UK.

Childrens Air Ambulance

The Children’s Air Ambulance operates from London Oxford Airport in Kidlington, part of Layla's Oxford West and Abingdon Constituency, is a unique national service that transfers critically ill babies and children from local neonatal and paediatric departments to specialist care units at major tertiary hospitals like Great Ormond Street.

It also transfers specialist medical teams to children who are too sick to travel, and is currently the only air ambulance to offer a clinically custom-designed flying intensive care unit for children. With flight times four times quicker than a transfer by road, in many cases this time saved means a life saved.

Layla said that “there’s a real danger the Children’s Air Ambulance is left out of any financial relief offered to air ambulance charities by Government” and called on the Chancellor and Health Secretary to make sure the “incredibly important service” was preserved.

Layla said: “The Government has to do whatever it takes to keep this incredibly important service in the skies, helping children in need.

“The Children’s Air Ambulance is a jewel in Oxfordshire’s crown, and we risk losing them because they are unable to raise enough money during the lockdown period. They haven’t been included with talks held by the Department for Health so far, and that has to change fast.

“These heroes are working closely with the NHS to extend their service during the pandemic. We can’t compromise that. I hope the Government steps in to keep them flying and saving lives.”

The Chief Executive of the Children’s Air Ambulance, Andy Williamson said: “In this time of crisis, critically ill children and babies continue to require life-saving care and the Children’s Air Ambulance continues to transfer them to specialist hospitals quickly and safely.

“The Children’s Air Ambulance is funded by the public through voluntary donations but, like other charities, our fundraising activities have been deeply impacted by COVID-19. We are urgently appealing to the government to support the Children’s Air Ambulance so we can carry on providing essential services to the NHS and help children across the country.”

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