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Fighting Fund

£6,450.00 of £7,000.00 Raised

Can you make a contribution to Layla's Fighting Fund?

Thank you!  We smashed our original target of £3,000 and that has helped us deliver a much stronger campaign.  But we now need to raise a further £4,000 to make it a fairer fight against the well funded Conservatives.

The Conservatives are desperate to save this seat, and they're pulling in large donations to help them do so:

£20,000 from a property developer who owns a large development site in the Vale of White Horse District;

£10,000 from a Hedge Fund millionaire who took part in the same tax avoidance scheme as Jimmy Carr;

Support from pro-fox hunting lobby Vote-OK

In contrast the Lib Dem campaign is primarily funded by donations from local members and supporters, councillors and former candidates.

They've got the big outside interests, and we've got YOU!

Thanks to the generosity of people like you, we've already raised enough to pay for all the basics.

Every extra £1,000 we raise from now on will help fund extra target mailings in the run up to polling day.

All the evidence suggests that the election in Oxford West & Abingdon is going to be a close fight between hardworking local teacher Layla Moran and the Conservatives. 

The local Lib Dem team have won a string of by-election victories and have topped the polls two years running in the local elections.

The Conservatives are determined to hold this seat as part of winning a majority in the House of Commons so that they can implement their policies in full, including a 10% cut in school budgets. 

Layla Moran and the Lib Dem team are the only party who can stop this happening in Oxford West & Abingdon. But they need your help to do it.

Can you make a contribution to Layla's Fighting Fund, whether £5 or £500?

As a small additional thank you, Layla and the team are also offering a number of little extra 'perks' (details to the right).

Thank You.


Any constituent can represent their views to Layla Moran without donating to her campaign.

Donate £5

Donate a fiver and get a virtual 'high five' from Layla (virtual hand shakes also available!)

Donate £10

£10 will sponsor a round of leaflets to three local streets & you'll get a virtual high five from Layla!

Donate £20

If you make a donation of £20 you'll receive a hand-signed Layla Moran campaign poster

Donate £50

Donations of £50 will receive a hand-signed Layla Moran thank you card

Donate £100

Donate £100 and you'll receive a personal thank you letter from Layla & an invitation to our post-election party

Donate £500

Donations of £500 or more will be invited to a drinks reception after the election with Layla & a special guest

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