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Lib Dems only party to field full slate of candidates

The Liberal Democrats are the only party to field a full slate of candidates across Oxford West & Abingdon in this year's local elections.

The Local Lib Dem team are the only Party to field a full slate of candidates across Oxford West & Abingdon


Demonstrating their growing strength across the constituency they have 55 candidates standing compared to 51 Conservatives and only 28 Labour.

 "The fact that we are the only Party to run a full slate further shows the strength of community support for the Lib Dems in Oxford West and Abingdon and that we are the only ones able to beat the Conservatives here," said Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate Layla Moran.

 "More and more people are coming forward to back our campaign and I am delighted they will also be able to vote for us at all levels and in all wards in this constituency."

 Labour have failed to field any candidates in several contests and have dropped back in several wards compared to four years ago when this round of elections was last fought.

 "The ability to field local election candidates is one very clear test of a party's strength in any constituency," said Campaign Manager Neil Fawcett.

 "Labour are clearly out of the running across Oxford West & Abingdon."

 Overall numbers of local election candidates standing in councils with party political elections across Oxford West & Abingdon constituency:

 Local Election candidates by Party in Oxford West & Abingdon - May 2015

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