Layla Moran

Government “abandoning” local councils in their time of need

Layla Moran MPLayla Moran MP has called out the Government for penalising those councils who are going the extra mile in the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Layla Moran, the MP for Oxford West and Abingdon, said "Robert Jenrick thinks the funding already announced is ‘more than enough’ - well the letter from all of Oxfordshire’s council leaders to him last month shows he’s incorrect."

“The Government is penalising those councils who are going the extra mile, which in my mind is exactly what we need from our local authorities right now." Layla Moran's Oxfordshire constituency has four councils operating in the area.

Layla said "I’m calling on the Government to reverse this decision and give councils the funding they need to survive this crisis. They’re on the frontline of the fight against coronavirus and deserve better than Whitehall abandoning them.”


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