Layla Moran

Govt has been found out; it was Brexit before breathing all along!

Layla Moran MP

Layla Moran has declared that is was 'Brexit before breathing all along,' following to revelations that the decision not to enter the EU Joint Procurement Scheme for medical equipment (including ventilators) was 'a political decision.'  The Government had previously claimed to have 'missed the email.'

Layla Moran said: "Ministers were found out today. The decision not to apply for the EU ventilator procurement scheme was a 'political decision' made by Downing Street.

“They didn't miss an email, they just misled the public with a shoddy excuse in the midst of this pandemic. They put ideology over saving lives; it was Brexit before breathing all along. Layla tweeted: 

Layla Moran MP_tweet 21 April 2020
“I am calling for a full and unambiguous statement from Government, as to whether the UK is now participating in this ventilator procurement scheme, and the other similar scheme for PPE.”


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