Layla Moran

Govt must withdraw coronavirus aid from tax haven businesses

Following reports that France has joined Denmark and Poland in withdrawing coronavirus aid to tax haven businesses, Lib Dem MP Layla Moran has called on the UK Government to do the same without delay. 

Calling for the government to only give financial support to businesses that commit to paying their fair share of tax, Layla said:  “The French, Danish and Polish Governments have done the right thing and the UK should follow suit. Companies who have incorporated themselves in tax havens and do not pay their fair share of taxes should not have access to financial help from the UK Government. 

“It is not fair for companies who perennially shirk their tax-paying responsibilities to then come cap-in-hand to the Government when the going gets tough. 

“I’m calling on the Government to only give financial support to companies who commit to leaving their tax havens, moving back to the UK for tax purposes, and contributing their fair share from now on.”

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