Layla Moran

Home Office response to Campsfield smacks of ‘breathtaking arrogance’ says Layla Moran

Parliamentary Candidate Layla Moran has hit out at the Home Office following their response about the expansion of Campsfield House.



Commenting on the letter sent by the Home Office dated 19th Dec ( replying to concerns raised about the expansion of Campsfield House, Layla Moran has hit out against the Home Office saying that their refusal to acknowledge local concerns ‘smacks of breathtaking arrogance’.

“The Home Office’s assertion that there is not much local opposition smacks of breathtaking arrogance. I, alongside local representatives and campaigners, have been in contact with hundreds of residents in Kidlington and nearby Oxford who object to this expansion. How dare bureaucrats from Whitehall claim to know more about our local area than the people who live here”, said Layla.

Objections have been made on the grounds that the ‘needs case’ has not been met which would allow the Home Office to build on Green Belt land.

Layla added: 

“Liberal Democrats are committed to decreasing detention for immigration purposes, especially for asylum seekers, nationally, and locally we are committed to protecting the Oxford Green Belt. These proposals are an affront on both and we will fight them all the way”.

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