Layla Moran

Infected blood inquiry must get justice and answers for Oxfordshire victims

The infected blood inquiry which officially started this week must get justice and answers for Oxfordshire victims says local MP Layla Moran.

Speaking as the Infected Blood Inquiry formally starts its work today (24th September) into the contaminated blood scandal, Oxford West & Abingdon MP Layla Moran – who represents several victims and their families who suffered from infected blood at the Oxford Haemophilia Centre at the Churchill Hospital in Oxford – commented:

“Victims and their families will be relieved that this long-overdue inquiry is finally starting today. For far too long those affected by this national scandal have been ignored, frustrated and fobbed off by successive governments. Everyone involved deserves answers, support and justice.

“This inquiry must uncover the truth, look into all allegations of a criminal cover-up and the full strength of the law should be brought to bear on anyone involved, even if they were in Government at the time.”

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