Layla Moran

Layla Delivers on Flood Risk Improvements Pledge at Lib Dem Conference

Layla spoke to the Liberal Deomcrats' Autumn Conference in Glasgow on a policy motion she wrote and co-sponsored with Lib Dem Flooding Minister, Dan Rogerson MP. The wide-ranging motion was well received by party members and was passed without amendment.


Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, Layla Moran, pictured here helping to clear one of the weirs in Abingdon so that the water level monitoring equipment continues to work properly.


Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate for Oxford West & Abingdon, Layla Moran, has been working hard to improve the Government's response to flood risk, an issue that affects thousands of people locally. 

She proposed new policies to the recent Lib Dem Conference and won the support of the Flooding Minister, Dan Rogerson MP, who co-sponsored a motion with her. 

The motion called on the Government to:

1. Encourage landowners and farmers to manage the countryside to mitigate flooding to downstream communities.

2. Promote research into and implementation of natural flood defences, such as the restoration of peatlands and woodlands, and the development of coastal habitats.

3. Develop clear guidance for Lead Local Flood Authorities on how to take flooding into account when planning development and extend the legal requirement for 'betterment' so developers ensure that the flooding situation downstream of any development leads to an improvement, rather than just the maintenance of, flood protection levels.

4. Commission a study into how best to improve building regulations so that building works, within the means of the householder and the insurance company, improve the resilience of a building to flooding events.

5. Create a monitoring framework for measuring how effective Local Flood Risk Management Strategies are in the medium and long term and set clear targets by which to measure the effectiveness of the National Flood Strategy.

6. Ensure that the uptake in Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems is increased to maximise value for money for the taxpayer.

7. Ensure that measures are taken to proactively prevent and control flash flooding from endangering life and property.

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