Layla Moran

Layla Moran backs UBI trial for Oxford

Lib Dem proposals to push for a Universal Basic Income trial to be run in Oxford have been backed by Oxford West and Abingdon MP Layla Moran. 

The motion has been proposed by Cllr Stef Garden and backed by the Liberal Democrat city council group, after a Universal Basic Income policy was supported by the Liberal Democrats at their recent conference. 


A vote will be held at the full council meeting of Oxford City Council on Monday 30 September.


Universal Basic Income is a regular payment made to every adult with the aim of improving everyone's financial security without the red tape of the benefits system and has been backed by the Lib Dems.


Trials of UBI have suggested it can improve mental health, financial wellbeing, and boost people’s confidence. It can properly value carers and caring for the first time and in practice can be a huge boost to the incomes of many women in particular. It can act as a second safety net for those in difficulty, for the most marginalised who fall through the current complicated system. 


Layla Moran said:


“It is devastating how many people fall through the net in this country.  


"With millions of people currently receiving no support at all from the Government, and the level of food poverty highlighted by Marcus Rashford's free school meals campaign, it is clear that the current system isn't working. 


"A UBI could be the way to provide everyone with more security and to help the most vulnerable." 


Lib Dem Cllr Stef Garden who proposed the motion said: 


“Universal credit, and the assessments of who gets it, has been so damaging to so many families.


“With the current system failing the most vulnerable people so often, we have to explore other ways to get them help.”

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