Layla Moran

Layla Moran calls for action on climate emergency

MP Layla Moran has today led the first Parliamentary debate in over two years on climate change in a cross-party effort with Caroline Lucas, supporting an uprising of action from students international on the issue.

In the debate Layla has pressed the Minister for action across the board on climate change, including asking what the Government is doing to ensure the 2020 COP Climate Summit bid is successful and if the Government is serious about its zero emissions target.

Layla slammed the Conservatives’ approach to climate change, saying that we are in a “climate emergency”. She argued the Government has dropped the ball when it comes to the environment, with the prime example being the scrapping of the Department for Energy and Climate Change.


Commenting on the debate Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran said:

“Climate change is unquestionably one of the biggest issues of our time – to the point now where it is drastically affecting global prosperity, security and people’s wellbeing. That’s why I’m holding this debate and that’s why we’re taking action.

“It’s high time we cooperated on climate change, but the current government record on this is shameful. We are facing a climate emergency and the Liberal Democrats are demanding better, we’re calling for a Zero Carbon Act that would ensure a carbon-neutral Britain by 2050.

“It is clear there’s an appetite to act on this issue and it is young people leading the charge, I was impassioned to join them striking in Oxford on this issue recently. My message is this: The Liberal Democrats and I are doing this for you, you are the spark of change that we so desperately need on this issue.”


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