Layla Moran

Layla Moran nominates local heroes including Oxford Vaccine Group for NHS Parliamentary Awards

This year has been extremely difficult for NHS staff, these are just some of the health heroes in our community and they absolutely deserve this recognition

Layla Moran MP has nominated seven outstanding teams and individuals in Oxfordshire’s NHS and outside teams as part of the annual NHS Parliamentary Awards. They include the Oxford Vaccine Group and Jenner Institute (Excellence in Healthcare). 

The awards are an annual opportunity to recognise and appreciate the very best about our local healthcare service. Layla’s nominations reflect the variety of accomplishments in the community, with this year focusing on the adaptability, innovation and hard work by so many Oxfordshire NHS teams throughout the coronavirus pandemic. 

Layla Moran said:  “This year has been extremely difficult for NHS staff, these are just some of the health heroes in our community and they absolutely deserve this recognition. 

“Our NHS has always been a fundamental pillar of our society and yet is under such immense pressure, especially during this pandemic. It is those who work in the NHS who make the NHS what it is. It is important that we appreciate the NHS staff’s incredible work, research, and care year-round. 

“I hope they win! They all deserve acknowledgment for the outstanding work they have done this year. The teams nominated have all put their patients before anything else.” 

Dr Bruno Holthof, Chief Executive Officer of Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, who saw multiple nominations, acknowledged this achievement by commenting:  “We are very grateful for the support of our local MPs in celebrating the achievements and successes of our staff here at OUH. This recognition means a lot to our teams, not least this year when so many staff have gone the extra mile as we have responded to the unprecedented challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you for nominating our staff and for highlighting their work in caring for patients throughout Oxfordshire and beyond.” 

Layla submitted the following nominations 

Excellence in Healthcare Award: The research teams working on the COVID19 vaccine at the University of Oxford; Oxford Vaccine Group and Jenner Institute 

Professor Andrew Pollard and the team have been leading development of the most advanced COVID19 vaccine in the world. The vaccine entered clinical trials in April 2020, the first vaccine in Europe to be tested in humans. Typically, it would take 5-8 years to reach this stage in vaccine development, but the Oxford team have been able to substantially accelerate the process. 

Professor Andrew Pollard said:  "We are delighted to be nominated for a parliamentary award for our work on the coronavirus vaccine in Oxford. It has been a huge team effort from dedicated and talented clinical, laboratory and support staff to make such urgent progress in the COVID-19 pandemic. We would like to express our gratitude to all the trial volunteers who are helping in the evaluation of the ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine.” 

Excellence in Mental Health Care Award: Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Mental Health Helpline, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust 

With the need for greater and improved access to urgent mental health support, Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Mental Health Helpline, made up of NHS and third sector professionals, met this need in just seven days.  The helpline provides mental health advice to people when they need it, diverting demand from 111 and primary care, providing the most appropriate care for adults and children. 

Excellence in Primary Care Award: AbiMeds 

With long queues at most pharmacies, as a result of the pandemic, causing serious risk to the health of customers and staff, AbiMeds was set up. Medication was collected in large batches by volunteers and delivered by a team of cyclists across Oxfordshire.  During 4 months of operation, the team delivered 3453 packages of medication, with those using the service seeing it as invaluable. 

The Future NHS Award: Digital Consultations, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust 

Prior to the pandemic, vulnerable groups and staff found digital consultations at Oxford Health greatly beneficial, being able to access care at a time and place of their choice, often from their own homes, reducing the stress, time, and cost of travelling. 

With digital consultations already in place, the remote process became essential to a much larger group during lockdown, allowing patients to continue to receive crucial care.  From January to July, 54,723 patients have benefitted from digital consultations, equating to an average of 553 digital consultations every weekday since lockdown began - a huge increase from 30 per weekday in January. 

Excellence in Urgent and Emergency Care Award: Ambulatory Outreach Team, Oxford University Hospitals 

The Ambulatory Outreach Team (AOT) provides crucial care to individuals in their own home or care home who would previously have required hospitalisation.  AOT has been crucial throughout the pandemic to enable those vulnerable to more severe consequences of the infection to receive the treatment they require but in their own homes where the risk of transmission is lower.  This care pathway has been extremely important as it enables supportive and earlier discharge allowing patients to maintain their independence, as well as improving patient flow through the emergency department. 


The Care and Compassion Award: Laura Nunn and Nikki Cartwright, Systematic Anti-Cancer Therapy Nurses, Oxford University Hospitals 

Despite being required to shield during the pandemic, Cancer & Haematology Day Treatment Unit nurses, Laura Nunn and Nikki Cartwright, created a new role which enabled them to provide fantastic support to patients and staff from home.  Laura and Nikki called patients to ensure they were prepared for their ongoing treatments and provided an action plan for them. The new role was essential, conducting approximately 50 patient telephone assessments each day. Paula Hay-Plumb, OUH Non-executive Director, said:  “This is a brilliant example of our staff adapting to extraordinary circumstances, and ensuring that good can come out of a very challenging situation”. 

Wellbeing at Work Award: Practice Development and Education Team, Oxford University Hospitals 

The Practice Development and Education Team at OUH is responsible for ensuring NHS staff are supported by providing training and development. The onset of COVID-19 brought an urgency to the team to ensure that staff were properly supported during such challenging times. 

The team responded magnificently by reviewing and changing their day-to-day activities to educate and support staff for the challenges they were facing and ensure staff received the high standard of personal protective equipment to maintain their safety.  One notable achievement from the past few months has been the training of over 350 staff on the 'Back to the Ward' programme, and the training of more than 6,000 staff in the correct use of PPE. 

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