Layla Moran

Layla reacts to the resignation of Boris Johnson

Reacting to the resignation of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Layla Moran said:


“The sorry saga of the Boris Johnson era is coming to an end".

“This helpless Prime Minister has finally run out of road, and he is being forced out in disgrace and scandal. Conservative MPs should be looking themselves in the mirror and asking why it took them this long to show him the door".

“This has been a non-stop disasterclass of a premiership. Boris Johnson has dragging our international reputation through the mud, left struggling families with inadequate support during a cost of living crisis, and has broken the ministerial code and international law with reckless abandon".

“We are currently without a functioning Government, with key ministerial posts unfilled in departments such as Education and Levelling Up. Once again, Conservative psychodrama has taken priority over working for the country".

“The big question facing us all is what comes next? Whoever and whatever comes next has a mammoth task in restoring our broken reputation.”

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