Layla Moran

Layla Moran reacts to the tightening of rules for Christmas

Layla Moran reacts announcement to tightening of rules for Christmas_

Layla Moran MP has reacted to the Government announcement of the tightening of rules for Christmas. Layla said, “The tightening of the Christmas rules will come as a real disappointment. But I’m glad the Government is following the science and trying to control the spread."

Layla urged everyone to follow the public health guidance which can be found at 

Layla said: We needed to see this much earlier, however. U-turning at this late stage will do no favours for people’s trust in the Government, which is vital. I urge everyone to follow the rules and suppress the virus. We all want to see our loved ones this Christmas, but to avoid more restrictions for longer, we must all play our part.”

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