Layla Moran

Layla Moran secures debate on flooding

This week, on Thursday 16th May, Oxfordshire MP Layla Moran will bring the issue of flooding in Oxford West and Abingdon to Parliament. She will be putting the issue back on the agenda in order to highlight the controversial scrapping of the Abingdon scheme, and the delays suffered by the Oxford flood scheme.

As it stands, in Oxford the scheme will not be completed until 2024 at the earliest, which has angered residents, although the money for this has been secured. The same story can’t be told for the Abingdon scheme, which was completely scrapped in January amidst spiralling cost projections and the Government’s inability to provide more funding itself.

Layla Moran then chaired a local meeting in Abingdon with the Environment Agency about flooding but felt that the issue needed to be taken further, and will now be putting forward the case in Parliament as a “matter of urgency”.


Ahead of the debate, Layla said: 

“In a week where the Chair of the Environment Agency has just given a stark warning about flooding, I’m delighted to be holding this debate on an issue that is still fresh in the mind of so many Abingdon and Oxford residents – they have not forgotten the floods in 2007 and neither have I.

“This debate is the perfect opportunity to hear directly from the Government on what can be done to address the frustration of so many residents. Local people are rightly angry that the multi-million-pound scheme has been axed, and about an Oxford scheme that has been moving at a snail’s pace.


“I will be using this opportunity to hold the Conservatives to account on their shameful record when it comes to the flooding issue. In some cases, show us the money, in others show us some competence.”

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