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Layla tables Commons motion backing independent bookshops

key_Mostly Books Visit for Small Business Saturday 2019- Picture credit Layla Moran MPLayla Moran has tabled a motion in the Commons calling on the Government to recognise the importance of independent bookshops and take more action to support them, as Independent Bookshop Week comes to a close.

The motion was tabled as part of Independent Bookshop Week 2021, to celebrate local independent bookshops’ significant role in the local community and to urge the Government to appreciate the pressure they have been under throughout the last year and to take steps to support them after the pandemic.

Layla said that “we all need to go out and back our local independent bookshop”, such as Last Book Jericho, Bookstore Ltd and Abingdon’s Mostly Books.

In her motion, she calls on the Government to “ensure these invaluable assets to the community and the high street are supported so they remain in the years ahead” and “urgently recognise the social value and cultural importance of independent bookshops.”

The calls come as Moran and the Liberal Democrats continue to champion local small businesses, highlighting that the Government’s ‘boom and bust’ lockdown cycles have put local businesses under more pressure than ever.  Layla Moran said: “We’re so lucky to have a number of local, independent bookshops in our area. They’re not just a place to buy a book - they’re places to gain expertise, get advice, attend events and peak our interest in reading. 

“As lockdown restrictions ease, I hope everyone will support independent local businesses and bookshops as much as possible. But the Government also needs to be doing everything it can to ensure our high streets survive the pandemic.

“This year has not been easy for anyone, but local businesses have really suffered, and so during Local Bookshop Week I wanted to take the time to truly acknowledge the value they bring to our community.”

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