Layla Moran

Layla Visits Small Businesses

Last Saturday was "Small Business Saturday", a national day on which to appreciate all the small businesses in the UK.

Layla took the opportunity to visit some independent shops, all of whom had been recommended to her by local people for showing the best of quality and customer service.

From left to right, Hedges Butchers (Elms Parade, Botley), Anemome Florists (Kidlington Centre, Kidlington) and The Nursery Shop (Market Square, Abingdon)

Whilst at the shops, Layla took the opportunity to order a locally sourced Christmas turkey from Hedges and get a hand crafted Christmas wreath for her home from Anemome.

Layla said, "We have some fabulous small businesses in Oxford West & Abingdon, and I really encourage everyone to 'shop local' and support small businesses in their communities. It was really great to meet the owners and workers at these shops, and I very appreciate them giving up their time to me when they had so much else to do at a busy time of year."

Whilst Layla was in Abingdon, she watched the parade which formed part of this year's Extravaganza and spoke to some of the members of the Abingdon Chamber of Commerce who organise this each year.

She said, "A huge amount of work goes into organising the Extravaganza each year, and I want to thank everyone who gives up their time to help. I know that people in Abingdon and around really appreciate it - whether it's the entertainments, the parade, the switching on of the Christmas lights or the individual shops offering mince pies and other refreshments to their customers."

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