Layla Moran

Layla Welcomes Free School Meals

Layla has welcomed this Lib Dem policy which will give free school meals to all children in their first three years of school.



Parliamentary Candidate, Layla Moran, and the local Liberal Democrats have welcomed the government announcement that they will provide funding for free school meals for children in their first three years at school.

Although some children previously qualified for school meals, some do not take them due to the stigma, and others who don't qualify struggle to afford them. Research has shown that extending free school meals to all children will help remove these barriers. 

Evidence presented from the School Food Plan group showed that this will also lead to positive improvements in health, attainment and social cohesion, and help all families with the cost of living. Over 22,000 families in Oxfordshire will benefit from this Lib Dem policy.

Layla said: "It's brilliant that the Lib Dems have ensured the government funds these free meals for children. Not only does it save families over £400 a year per child but just as importantly it will help to improve their well-being and performance in class."

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