Layla Moran

Layla Moran joins other MPs in signing pledge for a better Parliament

Layla Moran, Lib Dem MP for Oxford West and Abingdon, yesterday joined other MPs in signing a pledge for a new code of conduct for behaviour in the House of Commons.


The code of conduct, drawn up by cross-party group More United, includes commitments to avoid language or behaviour that incites hate or encourages disrespect, reform debate as a way to build consensus and uphold a level of respect and professionalism.


The hope is that the new pledge will start to bridge the divides in Parliament and raise the standards of debate in the House of Commons. Earlier this week, party leaders released a joint statement following a meeting with the Speaker to ‘weigh their words carefully’. The move yesterday brings together MPs from all parties. More United and Compassion in Politics are working with MPs to have it adopted as a formal code of conduct across the House.

Commenting, Layla said:


“In these precarious times, country must come above party. We must continue to do all we can to find ways to work together regardless of our political tribe.


“We have seen language in the House that is truly shameful - words like ‘traitor’ and ‘surrender’ are thrown around far too carelessly.


“I hope this pledge will change that, and that other MPs from across the parties will join in making this pledge and raising the bar for debate in Parliament.”

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