Layla Moran

Moran takes immediate action to get answers on Expressway and Lodge Hill

Layla Moran, Lib Dem MP for Oxford West and Abingdon, has during her first week back in Parliament immediately questioned the Department for Transport about the Oxford to Cambridge Expressway and the delayed Lodge Hill junction.

Moran is seeking swift clarification on the ‘review’ of the Expressway promised by the Conservatives during the General Election, as well as the continued delays to the Lodge Hill junction on the A34. She has asked for the Government to confirm the cost of the review, its timescale and whether Highways England’s consultation will be postponed as a result.

Her parliamentary action comes after the Oxfordshire Liberal Democrats launched a petition to scrap the Expressway during the election.

The MP also questioned whether the housing targets for the wider Ox-Cam Arc will be looked at again given the decision to review the motorway project.

Layla has asked whether the uncertainty over the Expressway will impact the delivery of the already-delayed Lodge Hill diamond interchange on the A34, and has asked for a confirmation of the timeline for the delivery of the much-needed work.

Commenting, Layla said:

“The Conservatives realised just how unpopular their Expressway plans were during the election, and have promised a ‘review'. I am looking for urgent answers to the concerns I have about this, including the impact of these delays on the Lodge Hill junction and the cost to the taxpayer of the whole process.

“I and the Liberal Democrats want to scrap the Expressway altogether, so we can invest in sustainable transport instead, including a fully electrified East-West Rail. We don’t need a pointless review.

“Time and time again on the doorstep in this election Lodge Hill and the Expressway came up, and my constituents are rightly exasperated at this situation. Making their voice heard in Parliament is why I’m here, and I’ll continue to hold the Government to account.”

You can read Layla's published questions, for answer in January, here.

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