Layla Moran

New law on right to work from home would be "win win" for employees and businesses

\Following a campaign by Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran calling [£] on the government to introduce a new law to give people the right to work from home., Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said he would consider legislation to make it mandatory for employers to offer workers the option of remote working.

Layla commented: "As we enter the new normal, one of the things we should keep is the change in work-life balance.

"We have seen that businesses can carry on with staff working remotely. This really is a win-win idea –  businesses get more motivated staff and workers get to work from wherever is best for them.  

“I will now be writing to the government to ask them to bring together MPs, employers, and employees to work out a bill that helps everyone. I’ve always said that to move forward as a country out of this crisis we need to think differently, I’m delighted that on this the government feels the same.”

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