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MPs challenge Prime Minister to take action on Long Covid

What’s clear is that general awareness of Long Covid, and its seriousness, is too low in Westminster. That’s why as an APPG we will continue to work hard in the coming weeks to raise awareness of it in both Houses of Parliament. After all, we’re doing this to save lives. That’s what matters,”Writing in The BMJ this week, Layla Moran MP, and chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) group on coronavirus, says she wrote to the Prime Minister on 24 August after receiving first-hand accounts from hundreds of people living with the condition.

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Occupied Palestinian Territories: “now is the time for the UK to formally recognise the state of Palestine”

“Any lasting peace settlement between Israel and Palestine must involve the Palestinians, and that’s one of the reasons why Trump’s deal is simply a sham.     “It’s high time the UK Government formally recognised the state of Palestine. Doing so would give much-needed hope to people just trying to live their lives without fear.”Layla Moran, Lib Dem MP for Oxford West and Abingdon and Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and International Development, has told the House of Commons that “now is the time for the UK to formally recognise the state of Palestine” during a passionate debate on the occupied territories yesterday afternoon (24/09/20).

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Layla Moran says it’s “essential” for the Government to extend furlough scheme, as Universal Credit claims rise

“Financial support must be extended to support the millions of people currently excluded from Government assistance. 2,330 people in my constituency are now relying on Universal Credit. There is an urgent need for the Chancellor to extend the furlough scheme, until at least the middle of next year.” Layla Moran, is calling for an extension of the Government’s furlough scheme as thousands in constituencies across the country are relying on Universal Credit in the wake of “staggering job losses”. 

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Layla Moran's response to the PM’s statement: “robust test and trace system is vital”

“A robust test and trace system is vital. We urgently need a plan to fix it from the Government. That’s the only way to avoid these restrictions getting worse.”Layla Moran responded to the Prime Minister’s statement on Wednesday 22nd September on further coronavirus restrictions, saying “The PM’s statement will feel like a real step backward for millions of people, and I know many of my own constituents are worried about the latest developments. We need answers from the PM about why we’ve failed in eliminating the virus."

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Layla Moran MP takes action to combat violence and abuse against retail workers

“The level of violence and abuse against retail workers is extremely concerning and should not be happening in modern Britain. I fully support the BRC’s Shopworkers’ Protection Pledge.

Layla Moran has signed up to support the British Retail Consortium’s (BRC) Shopworkers’ Protection Pledge, vowing to stand with retail staff and support legislation to better protect shopworkers from violence and abuse.

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Layla Moran launches new cross-party group to look at regeneration of historic communities post-coronavirus

“This is a perfect opportunity to look at regeneration issues in historic town centres such as Abingdon and Kidlington in my own constituency.     “I look forward to getting to work, and hope MPs from all sides, including those in Oxfordshire, join the effort.”

Layla Moran, Lib Dem MP for Oxford West and Abingdon, has formally inaugurated a new all-party parliamentary group to address the issues faced by historic high streets and town centres following the economic crisis caused by Covid-19. 

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Restore our online democracy so every voter has a voice says Layla Moran MP

“People across the country have grave concerns about what this Government is doing with the economy, coronavirus and our future trade deals so it’s important full democratic participation is resumed to give every voter a voice.”

A Bill to return full online participation in the House of Commons ahead of a second Coronavirus wave was presented in Parliament yesterday with the support of Layla Moran, Lib Dem MP for Oxford West and Abingdon.

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Layla Moran tells Hancock “to get the basics right” after constituents are offered tests in Scotland and Isle of Wight's_letter_to_Matt_Hancock_about_testing_system_160920.JPG?1600353221

Layla Moran MP has written to Health Secretary Matt Hancock to express her “profound disappointment” at the coronavirus testing system after she heard from constituents who were offered tests as far away as Dundee and the Isle of Wight!

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Layla Moran nominates local heroes including Oxford Vaccine Group for NHS Parliamentary Awards

This year has been extremely difficult for NHS staff, these are just some of the health heroes in our community and they absolutely deserve this recognition

Layla Moran MP has nominated seven outstanding teams and individuals in Oxfordshire’s NHS and outside teams as part of the annual NHS Parliamentary Awards. They include the Oxford Vaccine Group and Jenner Institute (Excellence in Healthcare). 

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Layla Moran urges Foreign Secretary to guarantee 0.7% aid budget for economic development and poverty reduction overseas

Coronavirus and climate change mean we’ve never been more aware that we all share one planet. That’s why maintaining the UK’s commitment to 0.7% aid spending is so vitalLayla Moran, Lib Dem MP for Oxford West and Abingdon and the Lib Dem's new Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, has urged Dominic Raab to commit to the 0.7% of Gross National Income aid budget, and for him to ensure that the primary purpose of Overseas Development Assistance is the economic development of partner countries and poverty reduction.

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