Layla Moran

Layla reacts to the resignation of Boris Johnson

Reacting to the resignation of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Layla Moran said:


“The sorry saga of the Boris Johnson era is coming to an end".

“This helpless Prime Minister has finally run out of road, and he is being forced out in disgrace and scandal. Conservative MPs should be looking themselves in the mirror and asking why it took them this long to show him the door".

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Oxfordshire’s GP services stretched to breaking point as patients face brief appointments

Thousands of patients in Oxfordshire are being rushed through an appointment with their GP in less than 5 minutes, new research by the Liberal Democrats has revealed.

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Layla Moran calls for virtual meetings for local councils

It is not right that councillors are being put at greater risk than others just to be able to represent their communities. We know that virtual proceedings can be carried out very successfully, as councils showed earlier in the pandemic. As well as ensuring we have a hybrid Parliament when it next sits, the Government must now step up and protect local councillors, and legislate for a return to virtual meetings as soon as possible.

Layla Moran has joined the calls by Lib Dem Leader at Vale of White Horse, Cllr Emily Smith for a return to virtual meetings for local councils n light of Plan B restrictions and the ever-increasing spread of the Omicron variant. 

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“Don’t be a Scrooge, repeal the Vagrancy Act!” says Layla Moran

Let’s not sugarcoat it - the Vagrancy Act is Dickensian, archaic and cruel. The Government have continuously failed to stand up for homeless people and end their needless criminalisation.     “I am delighted that so many colleagues across the House have joined me in campaigning for this piece of callous legislation to be removed, and I will keep fighting alongside them until we have succeeded

In the run-up to Christmas, Layla Moran MP renewed calls for the Government to repeal the “Dickensian” Vagrancy Act. Layla has been campaigning for the repeal of the Vagrancy Act since a group of Oxford University students brought the injustice to her attention, and she has been pushing the Government to repeal this piece of legislation, which criminalises those who are homeless, ever since.

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Moran demands action from the Prime Minister to deal with community larder food shortages.

The work of community larders, such as the Cherwell Larder in my constituency which serves almost 2000 people, is a vital lifeline for many of my constituents. When they raised this issue with me, I knew it was incredibly important to demand action from the Government to resolve it as soon as possibleLayla Moran has called on the Prime Minister to take action to address food shortages caused by the supply chain crisis that is affecting community larders in Layla’s constituency and across the country.  Layla asked the Prime Minister, during Prime Ministers Questions on 24th November, what action he will be taking to ensure that surplus food will not be wasted, but instead be donated to organisations like The Cherwell Larder, based in Kidlington.

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Layla Moran supports the Down Syndrome Bill

I am delighted to be co-sponsoring the Down Syndrome Bill.  For the first time, people with Down syndrome are beginning to outlive their parents.  If we do not make provisions for this then there will be evitable human tragedies.  Not only do we have an opportunity to address this situation, but we can go much further ensuring those with Down syndrome can access Health, Education and Social Care servicesLayla Moran, Lib Dem MP for Oxford West and Abingdon, recently joined colleagues from across Parliament to support the Down Syndrome Bill which was debated in the House of Commons on 26th November. The Down Syndrome Bill was introduced as Dr. Liam Fox’s Private Members’ Bill, and Layla has supported this bill as one of its cosponsors.

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Layla Moran calls for tax cuts for 1700 small businesses in Oxford West and Abingdon

It is disgraceful that local businesses in our area are being forced to pay even more tax by this Conservative government. We should help small businesses who have already suffered so much during the pandemic. That is why I am backing calls for our local businesses to receive a tax cut.Ahead of Small Business Saturday, tomorrow, Layla Moran, has called for taxes to be slashed on small businesses. Layla has backed the proposals which would benefit 1700 small businesses and entrepreneurs in Oxford West and Abingdon, from cafes and restaurants to high street shops.

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Layla calls on Home Secretary to tackle spiking epidemic

Layla calls on Home Secretary to tackle spiking epidemicLayla Moran has written to the Home Secretary calling on her to take action to tackle the recent epidemic of ‘spiking’ incidents. In her letter, Layla commended the “bravery and commitment” of young people who chose to boycott nightclubs last month and asked the Home Secretary to set out the action she would be taking to support the police and the nighttime industry in stamping out the worrying uptick in spiking incidents.

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Moran: Heat and Building Strategy “woefully inadequate” and “punishing the poorest”

key_Such woefully inadequate proposals will do absolutely nothing to lift people out of fuel poverty and hardly make a dent in homes’ emissions. And to make matters worse, it’s estimated they will help just 90,000 homes, despite millions of households facing record high bills this winter due to rising gas pricesLayla Moran MP has described the Government’s Heat and Building Strategy, announced today, as “woefully inadequate” and “punishing the poorest and families across the country facing soaring energy bills this winter.”

In Autumn 2020, the Conservatives launched their Green Homes Grant, pledging to upgrade 600,000 homes. However, it was badly mismanaged and scrapped six months later having upgraded just 30,000 homes.

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Layla challenges Health Minister on herd immunity claims

key_I am deeply concerned that the Minister refused to go on the record and rule out that the Government are following the debunked theory of herd immunity.     “It was deemed unattainable by the scientific community a long time ago.Layla Moran MP challenged Health Minister Maggie Throup yesterday in the House of Commons chamber over reports “that the approach the Government is taking is tantamount to herd immunity”.  In the exchange, Layla asked: “can the Minister be clear, is herd immunity the plan? And if it isn’t, what is?”

In her response, the Minister failed to answer or address the question. The exchange took place during an Urgent Question in the Commons over the Government’s Covid-19 strategy.


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