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Moran: Heat and Building Strategy “woefully inadequate” and “punishing the poorest”

key_Such woefully inadequate proposals will do absolutely nothing to lift people out of fuel poverty and hardly make a dent in homes’ emissions. And to make matters worse, it’s estimated they will help just 90,000 homes, despite millions of households facing record high bills this winter due to rising gas pricesLayla Moran MP has described the Government’s Heat and Building Strategy, announced today, as “woefully inadequate” and “punishing the poorest and families across the country facing soaring energy bills this winter.”

In Autumn 2020, the Conservatives launched their Green Homes Grant, pledging to upgrade 600,000 homes. However, it was badly mismanaged and scrapped six months later having upgraded just 30,000 homes.

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Layla challenges Health Minister on herd immunity claims

key_I am deeply concerned that the Minister refused to go on the record and rule out that the Government are following the debunked theory of herd immunity.     “It was deemed unattainable by the scientific community a long time ago.Layla Moran MP challenged Health Minister Maggie Throup yesterday in the House of Commons chamber over reports “that the approach the Government is taking is tantamount to herd immunity”.  In the exchange, Layla asked: “can the Minister be clear, is herd immunity the plan? And if it isn’t, what is?”

In her response, the Minister failed to answer or address the question. The exchange took place during an Urgent Question in the Commons over the Government’s Covid-19 strategy.


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Layla Moran backs bathing status application for Thames

key_Layla Moran_Bathing Water_Status_October 2021. Copyright Layla Moran MPLayla Moran has backed an application for bathing status for parts of the Thames in Oxford. An application for bathing status is being made to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs this month for bathing status at Port Meadow, as part of a campaign to clean up our rivers.

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Moran: Invest £336,000 to double Warm Home Discount and prevent 1200 pensioners in Oxford West and Abingdon going cold this winter

key_People should not have to choose between heating and eating this winter. We simply cannot allow those who are already struggling to bear the brunt of this government’s terrible mistakes.     “The Liberal Democrats are calling for a £336,000 investment to help people cope with soaring bills this winter.Layla Moran, Lib Dem MP for Oxford West and Abingdon, has called on the Government to double the Warm Home Discount for existing recipients and make it available to 189 extra pensioners across her constituency. The measure would prevent pensioners from being forced to “choose between eating and heating this winter”, she added. 

The call comes amid fears that local residents, particularly 1200 pensioners on low incomes, could be at risk from the energy crisis this winter. 

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Layla calls on Government to increase access to defibrillators

key_In my constituency, residents have worked hard to install defibrillators in their local communities, and ambulance service workers have provided training on how to use them. This work should be commended, and the passing of this Bill would help to ensure that more communities are made safer by the presence of a local defibrillator, as is already the case in some placesLayla Moran has today written to the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care to call on the Government to support the Automated External Defibrillators (Public Access) Bill, which is currently before Parliament.

The Private Members Bill, presented by Jim Shannon MP, aims to reduce the number of cardiac deaths by making it law that automated external defibrillators are available in public buildings, sporting facilities, schools, higher education, and other education and skills facilities, and facilities that provide care to vulnerable people. It also aims to ensure that people are given education and training on the devices and relevant signage.

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Moran: new pandemic report no substitute for Covid inquiry

key_Although it is right that the committee have found their voice and their findings echo many of those made by the APPG over the past year, this report is notable by its silence on a number of key areas including the catastrophic mismanagement of schools, the continued under-delivery on donations to COVAX and no mention of long Covid in 151 pagesLayla Moran MP,  Chair of the APPG on Coronavirus, has responded to the Science and Technology and Health and Social Care Select Committees’ joint report on the government's handling of the pandemic. 


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“Heartless” student loan repayment changes a hammer blow to lower earning young people

key_The Government already delivered a hammer blow at the worst possible time to low-paid young people by raising their National Insurance. It’s truly heartless that they are considering hitting so many of them twice in two months with this tax rise, in the midst of the rapidly rising cost of livingLayla Moran has criticised Conservative government proposals to lower the threshold at which student loan repayments are made. This change comes in the context of a recent rise to national insurance, rising energy costs, and a cut to Universal Credit.
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Government “putting dogma over saving Oxfordshire’s hospitality sector” as Home Office snubs visa proposal

key_It’s clear that the Government is putting dogma over saving Oxfordshire’s hospitality sector. Their botched Brexit deal, damaging points-based immigration system, and handling of the pandemic means that businesses in our community face the threat of closure despite restrictions being easedLayla Moran, Liberal Democrat MP for Oxford West and Abingdon, has said the Government are “putting dogma over saving Oxfordshire’s hospitality sector” after a Home Office Minister turned down proposals from the industry to introduce a Covid Recovery Visa. In response to a parliamentary question tabled by Layla Moran, Minister Kevin Foster said the Government will not consider introducing the measure.

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Moran: “don’t leave hospitality behind” as “piecemeal” HGV visas introduced

key_Without a Covid Recovery Visa to help address the staffing shortage, while we work to reskill and train UK domestic workers, there is real trouble ahead. I will continue to work with local businesses and the sector to urge the Conservatives to do everything they can to keep the doors of our local businesses open for years to come.”Layla Moran has told the Government “don’t leave hospitality behind” as “piecemeal” temporary visas for HGV drivers are introduced. It comes after hospitality bosses renewed their calls for visas to help fill vacancies yesterday. Layla, who described the HGV visa changes as “barely scratching the surface” and “too little, too late”, warned that the hospitality sector in Oxfordshire faced continuing decline if action on visas is not taken soon. The Oxfordshire MP has been campaigning for the introduction of a Covid Recovery Visa for the sector since June when she raised the issue with the Prime Minister at PMQs. Layla and Oxfordshire Liberal Democrats also launched a petition in July 2021 calling for the Covid Recovery Visa will help to recruit hospitality staff from outside the UK who would otherwise be unable to come work.

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Layla votes to protect over 19,000 pensioners in Oxford West and Abingdon hit by Conservative broken promise on triple lock

key_The Government is turning its back on local elderly residents, who risk no longer being able to heat their homes this winter as energy costs spiral.     “Our pensioners deserve a fair deal. The triple lock was a cast iron guarantee that vulnerable elderly people were relying on and the Conservatives have failed them.Layla Moran, this week voted to maintain the pensions triple lock and protect over 19,000 of her constituents who stand to be affected by its suspension. Figures published by the Liberal Democrats show that 19,698 state pensioners in Oxford West and Abingdon are set to be impacted by the Government breaking its manifesto promise.

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