Layla Moran

Put lives before ideology and join EU coronavirus vaccine scheme

put lives before ideology and join EU coronavirus vaccine schemeLiberal Democrat MP Layla Moran has written to health secretary Matt Hancock urging him to join an EU initiative to secure adequate supplies of a vaccine against the coronavirus.

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Layla Moran MP table Bill to extend transition period and avoid chaos of a no deal Brexit

“It’s not too late to change course and protect businesses and families from this senseless and self-inflicted damage

Layla Moran MP has tabled a cross-party Bill in Parliament today that would give MPs a vote on extending the Brexit transition period.

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Govt U-turns on "disastrous" probation reforms

\The Government has announced that probation services in England and Wales will be restored to public ownership and control, Liberal Democrat MP and leadership candidate Layla Moran said:  "The government's failed probation reforms have been disastrous, marring all the good work many charities have done within this area."

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Scrapping of pandemic committee shows Brexit obsession may have cost lives - Layla Moran MP

“It is incredibly damning that just six months before the coronavirus pandemic began, Boris Johnson saw fit to abolish a committee preparing the country for just such an event.Liberal Democrat leadership contender Layla Moran MP has warned that the government's obsession with Brexit may have cost lives after it emerged Boris Johnson scrapped a cabinet committee responsible for preparing the UK for a pandemic.

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New commission on racial inequalities must involve all parties

\Layla Moran has urged the Government to invite all parties to be part of a new Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities after Boris Johnson's announcement in The Telegraph [behind a paywall] of a new Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities that will look at racial inequalities in the UK. 

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ONS Response: 600,000 jobs lost shows Govt facing an 'Autumn of Discontent'

Government must prioritise retraining schemes and UBI - or face \In advance of the Chancellor's emergency budget, Layla Moran MP has called on the Government to take urgent action to retrain and protect people or face setting the country up for a wave of unemployment and a real Autumn of Discontent. 

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Govt shamed into publishing BAME report, now they must act on its recommendations - Layla Moran MP

Govt shamed into publishing BAME report, now they must act on its recommendations - Layla Moran MPLayla Moran MP has responded to the publication of Public Health England's follow up report on the impact of Covid-19 on BAME communities, which includes recommendations from the stakeholders consulted. 

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UK has an app for Matt Hancock but still none for Test and Trace

he UK must be the only country in the world with an app for our health minister but none for test and trace

Layla Moran MP has responded to Matt Hancock today for failing to give a date for when the 'test and trace' app will be up and running. 

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Track and Trace is being ‘mishandled’ by govt says Layla Moran

“If we are to rely on this system to get us back to normality and protect vulnerable people, we need to see testing dramatically increase and a more comprehensive, forensic contact tracing operation.”At least a quarter of people who test positive for COVID-19 in the UK are being missed by contact tracers following up who they could have transmitted the virus on to. 

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Research reveals aid budget facing £2.5 billion black hole

“Britain should be showing global leadership at this time by protecting aid spending, rather than politicising it.”The economic impact of coronavirus is due to blow a £2.5 billion hole in the aid budget this year, Commons Library research commissioned by Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran has revealed.

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