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Moran: planning reform pause “victory for the Liberal Democrats”

Layla Moran MPResponding to news that the Government has paused its planning reforms after a backlash from the Liberal Democrats, opposition parties, and Conservative MPs, Layla Moran MP said: “This is a victory for the Liberal Democrats - the writing has been on the wall for the Tories over their misguided, undemocratic planning reforms ever since our victory in the Chesham and Amersham by-election. 

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Layla Moran: Conservatives “completely out of touch” on Universal Credit

key_More than one in ten of my constituents face being worse off as a result of this cut. I was proud to join some fellow Conservative MPs and other opposition MPs to oppose this awful cut in the Commons this afternoon. I will continue to stand up for all my constituents affected by this Government’s heartless decisions.Layla Moran joined other opposition MPs and some Conservative MPs in voting to demand the Government makes the Universal Credit uplift permanent. Speaking after the Parliamentary debate and vote, Layla Moran, “Boris Johnson and the Conservative MPs who abstained in this afternoon’s vote are completely out of touch. They have decided to rip up support for millions of families across the country.

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Moran: “we are in dire need of action” from Government as rough sleeping in Oxfordshire rises by 90.5% in past year


key_The Government needs to get serious about eliminating rough sleeping or risk breaking yet another promise to some of the most vulnerable people in our society.     \

Layla Moran, Lib Dem MP for Oxford West and Abingdon, has said “the Government needs to get serious about eliminating rough sleeping” as figures show the number of households assessed as rough sleeping across Oxfordshire have risen by 90.5% in the past year, up from 95 to 181.

Layla, who recently held a House of Commons debate on rough sleeping, has called on the Government to take action to live up to their manifesto commitment of ending rough sleeping across the country stating that we are “in dire need of action”. 

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Layla Moran to Chancellor: “demonstrate a clear commitment” to manifesto pledge and fund Housing First

key_The upcoming Spending Review should give us the perfect opportunity to build on lessons learned from the pandemic and tackle rough sleeping head on. The Government cannot afford to break another manifesto pledge.   “Housing First is undoubtedly an important part of the solution, and I’m calling on the Chancellor to commit to fully funding its rollout in England. It will save the country money in the long term - for every £1 invested in Housing First, the Government saves £1.24.Layla Moran has written to Chancellor Rishi Sunak urging him to “demonstrate a clear commitment” to the Conservatives’ manifesto pledge of ending rough sleeping by the end of this Parliament by rolling out Housing First across England at the forthcoming Spending Review, and by pushing for the scrapping of the Vagrancy Act. 

In her letter, Layla says that the “time is right for a new national and political effort to tackle homelessness”, adding that “Because Housing First works, we also know in the long term it saves us money.”

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Layla Moran calls for urgent labour market support for local farmers

key_“Farmers have been hit by a double whammy of the pandemic and Brexit, and now it’s starting to hit the public.    "Food that would have fed millions will never reach plates if the Government doesn't urgently sort this out.

After meeting with local farmers from across her constituency, Layla Moran, Lib Dem MP for Oxford West and Abingdon, has echoed calls to urgently fix the labour crisis in farming. Farmers from across Oxfordshire highlighted the impact shortages of staff are having on harvesting crops and keeping livestock.

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Layla Moran backs campaign to end scandal of unsold food being wasted, instead of donated to charities feeding hungry people

key_Charities and community organisations in Oxford West and Abingdon have been working tirelessly to support our community with food throughout the pandemic and beyond. That’s why I’m backing the #FoodOnPlates campaign for funding for farmers to get their unsold fresh food to charities supporting vulnerable families, instead of having to waste it.Layla Moran is backing the #FoodOnPlates campaign to stop millions of tonnes of fresh, unsold food from being wasted when it could instead go to charities and community groups feeding families. 

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Layla Moran urges Government to “work with homeless people” to end rough sleeping in Commons debate

key_We need to treat rough sleepers like human beings, not statistics, and give them the support they want and need, on an individual basis, to help them. That starts with building trust, and unless we can scrap the Vagrancy Act as a first step we will not succeed.     “I urge the Government to roll out Housing First across England, and to give councils the certainty they need when it comes to funding. I won’t stop campaigning cross party until we have eliminated rough sleeping, and the Vagrancy Act is finally consigned to the history booksLayla Moran has set out a Liberal vision for ending rough sleeping in a debate she led yesterday in the House of Commons’ Westminster Hall, calling for an approach that restores trust between rough sleepers and government, councils, and services. 

Layla said that the Everyone In scheme, which saw rough sleepers put into emergency accommodation during the pandemic, “was a phenomenal response to an international health crisis”, but that on its own “it is not a sustainable response to a national rough sleeping crisis.”

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Layla Moran votes against “ill-conceived tax rise” as Conservatives break manifesto pledge

key_The Conservatives stood on a clear promise at the last election not to raise taxes, including National Insurance. Now they have voted to break that promise by hitting hard-pressed families and small businesses in Oxfordshire with a tax hike at a time many are still reeling from the impact of the pandemic.Layla Moran, voted against Boris Johnson’s social care tax plan last night, saying it “will hit low earners and the young the hardest” and that the social care crisis needs to be fixed “in a fair and progressive way.”

The changes, which go against the Conservatives’ manifesto promise not to raise taxes, will mean hard-pressed local families and small businesses will be left paying hundreds of pounds more in tax each year.  Liberal Democrat MPs voted against the government plans, arguing that they fail to fix the ongoing social care crisis and will fall disproportionately on the young, the low-paid, and small businesses.

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Layla calls for Government to “act decisively” by scrapping planning reforms and looking again at Oxford-Cambridge Arc

key_Layla calls for Government to “act decisively” by scrapping planning reforms and looking again at Oxford-Cambridge ArcLayla Moran, Lib Dem MP for Oxford West and Abingdon, yesterday afternoon signed an open letter to the Prime Minister, organised by the Stop the Arc group, urging him to “act decisively” and rethink his planning reforms, as well as looking again at the Oxford-Cambridge Arc proposals.

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"Fund local councils so refugees can settle” Layla Moran on Afghanistan

key_           Oxford is proud of its role as a “city of sanctuary”, but years of slashed council funding will limit the abilities of councils to offer education, housing, mental health and language provision to help refugees settle in the UK.

Layla Moran MP has said extra money must be granted to councils to provide vital services to help refugees settle. Layla said "Oxford is proud of its role as a “city of sanctuary”, but years of slashed council funding will limit the abilities of councils to offer education, housing, mental health and language provision to help refugees settle in the UK".

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