Layla Moran

Layla secures Parliamentary debate on students’ homelessness campaign

Oxford West and Abingdon MP Layla Moran has secured a Parliamentary debate on Tuesday 29th January about the use of the 1824 Vagrancy Act – the law used to criminalise rough sleepers.

Layla Moran has previously raised the campaign at Prime Minister’s questions, urging the Government to scrap the ‘outdated’ and ‘Dickensian’ law which dates from the times of King George IV and is still used thousands of times a year to arrest homeless people.

The issue was first raised with the MP as part of Oxford University Students Union’s On Your Doorstep campaign to help homeless people in the city.

Now Ms Moran has secured the support of homeless charities Crisis, St Mungos and Centrepoint who are campaigning alongside the Lib Dem MP to get the law changed so that rough sleepers get the support and help they need instead of being arrested just because they don’t have anywhere to spend the night. Layla will be using the debate to urge the Government to support her Private Members Bill, the Vagrancy (Repeal) Bill.


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Government U-turn on EU nationals “better late than never” – Layla Moran

Responding to the Government’s decision to scrap the controversial £65 fee Layla Moran has slammed the pilot scheme.

This comes in light of multiple businesses and organisations including the NHS and university in Oxfordshire paying these fees to ensure their workers are not disrupted post-Brexit.


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We need a People’s Vote now following confidence vote – Layla Moran

In light of the Government surviving a no confidence vote a People’s Vote is now looking like a more likely possibility according to an Oxfordshire MP.

Speaking after the no confidence vote in the House of Commons yesterday, Liberal Democrat MP for Oxford West & Abingdon Layla Moran said:



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Abingdon MP Layla Moran slams flood scheme broken promise

Responding to reports that the multi-million pound to reduce flooding risks in Abingdon has been shelved due to a lack of funding the Oxford West and Abingdon MP Layla Moran has commented: 



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Layla swaps backbenches for the Baltic as she joins army training in Estonia

Layla Moran joined the Yorkshire Regiment’s 2nd Battalion on their cold weather training as part of a scheme designed to give politicians a better understanding of the work of the armed forces.



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Moran proud to have voted down ‘historically disastrous’ Brexit Deal

Layla Moran has voted against the Governments Brexit deal, as it faced a crushing defeat on last nights meaningful vote. 


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Layla Moran welcomes County Council U-Turn on mental health cuts

Layla has cautiously welcomed reports that Oxfordshire County Council have conceded to pressure from the public and scrapped £1 million worth of cuts and further delaying £600,000 by a year.


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Oxon MP suggests Prime Minister backing Putin, not the people, on Brexit

Layla Moran has warned the country “deserves better” than a Prime Minister siding with Vladimir Putin during PMQs by denying the country a People’s Vote.


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MP calls House of Commons debate on Oxford-Cambridge Expressway route

Parliament will debate ‘the route for the Oxford-Cambridge Expressway’ after Layla Moran raised concerns that people’s opinions about the planned new road hadn’t been heard.


Layla Moran MP & Transport Minister Jesse Norman speak to residents in Botley about the Expressway

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Support grows for Layla’s campaign as Labour back homeless law change

The Labour party has given their backing to Layla Moran’s campaign to scrap the 1824 Vagrancy Act – which is used to arrest rough sleepers.


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