Layla Moran

Budget bonus for “little extras” an insult for schools

Layla has reacted angrily to the Chancellor Philip Hammond saying that he will provide bonuses to schools "for little extras".

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Disappointment as Budget fails to rule out Expressway route through Botley

Layla has expressed disappointment after the Government's Budget failed to rule out the Oxford-Cambridge Expressway being routed through Botley.


Layla Moran MP & Transport Minister Jesse Norman during a visit to Botley to discuss the Expressway

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Government should commit to opening Cowley branch line by 2019

In documents published as part of the Budget the Government have ignored a recommendation by the National Infrastructure Commission to re-open the Cowley branch line “no later than 2019.”

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OBR forecast shows Brexit a disaster for the pound in your pocket

The independent Office of Budget Responsibility's latest fiscal forecast, released today, gives a withering assessment of Brexit's impact on the UK's economic and fiscal outlook.

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Universal Credit “failing claimants” and “causing unacceptable hardship”

Layla has slammed the Government for refusing to listen to problems experienced by those on Universal Credit as MPs urge ministers to make fundamental changes and restore funding to the benefits scheme.

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Why I'm supporting the campaign for same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland

I'm trying to change the law to allow same-sex couples in Northern Ireland to get married. This is why ...

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Government’s “shameful” admission they won’t give schools money to fully fund teachers pay rises

The Department for Education confirmed yesterday (24th October) that they won’t give schools all the money they need to fund teachers’ pay rises - leaving schools to find money to give their teachers a 1% pay rise from their existing budgets.


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Moran reveals Brexit Secretary has never visited Irish border

Layla Moran has today revealed that Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab has failed to visit the Irish Border since his appointment in July 2018.

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Action on bed blocking needed to stop suspension of services at John Radcliffe this winter

Layla Moran has told the House of Commons she fears repeats of the suspension of non-urgent operations at the JR if there isn’t action taken on bed blocking and social care placements.

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Oxfordshire NHS one of most exposed to Brexit, figures reveal

Layla Moran has expressed concern about the impact of Brexit on the county’s NHS after it was revealed today that 21% of nurses and health visitors at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust are from the EU.

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