Layla Moran

Publish leaked report on local emergency services and no-deal Brexit planning

No Deal Brexit would overwhelm local emergency servicesLiberal Democrat leadership candidate Layla Moran has demanded that ministers publish in full a government report which warns that a No Deal Brexit at the end of the year would overwhelm local emergency services already struggling with the coronavirus pandemic.


Leaked extracts of the report conclude that Local Resilience Forums - emergency planning groups made up of local police, fire services, NHS, and councils - could be overwhelmed if the transition period is not extended. It added that a “no-deal Brexit was strongly advised against due to the risk to staff wellbeing and health.”  The review also warns that some local emergency services are already facing critical shortages of PPE and that this could hamper their response to a major incident.

Layla Moran MP is calling on Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Robert Jenrick to publish the report in full and come clean with the public about the threat posed by a No Deal Brexit to local communities.

Lib Dem Leadership Candidate, Layla Moran MP said: “The Government must come clean with the public about the impact of a No Deal Brexit on our emergency services and publish this report in full.  We cannot risk overwhelming our vital public services and undermining their ability to protect local communities.  Emergency response teams must be given time to recover and supplied with critical equipment like PPE, so that staff need to do their jobs safely.

“There is simply no need to inflict the chaos and damage of a No Deal Brexit on our businesses, communities and public services at this critical time for the country. The option is there to extend the transition period and the public rightly expects the Government to take it.”

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