Layla Moran

Have your say on Oxford air quality plans

Layla is urging residents to give their ideas on reducing air pollution in the city as the Government launches a public consultation on the issue.


The Government launched their public consultation recently on plans to tackle air quality in cities with illegal levels of nitrous oxide pollutants, including Oxford.

Ministers were forced into taking action after losing a High Court battle on their plans to clean up air in the 33 towns and cities across the country.

People have until 26th June to have their say about what needs to be done in Oxford, and can respond to the consultation online at

The responses will be used to draw up the Government’s plans ahead of an announcement in the Autumn of this year.

Layla recently met with the Government’s Environment Minister Therese Coffey to push for an ambitious action plan to clean up air in Oxford, and to urge the Minister to help in getting the City and County Councils to work better together to solve the problems.

Commenting, Layla Moran MP said:

“The Government are focused on making sure air quality doesn’t breach legal limits and achieving this in the shortest possible time frame.

“The public consultation asks for ideas about how this can be achieved and what the Government can do to tackle the problem – for example by promoting cycling, walking and public transport or changing traffic flows in the city centre.

“I’d urge as many local people as possible to respond to the Government’s consultation so that Environment Ministers are made fully aware of the strength of feeling from residents about what needs to be done to clean up Oxford’s air.

“Having support and suggestions from residents will help my fight to get the best possible deal from the Government to tackle toxic air in Oxford."

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