Layla Moran

PM's care home comments: MPs calls on Boris Johnson to apologise

\Layla Moran has joined senior MPs including Caroline Lucas and Clive Lewis to urge the Prime Minister to apologise for his comments on care homes.

In a cross-party letter to the Prime Minister, the MPs have said: "can I suggest you apologise for your comments at the first opportunity. Secondly, can I suggest you come forward with a plan for the future of social care, on a cross-party basis, and finally offer social care staff the pay they deserve for the service they provide to society."

The letter comes after Boris Johnson said "too many care homes didn't really follow the procedures" during the coronavirus outbreak.

The letter, by Layla Moran and the MPs goes on to say: "Whether his comments are an attempt to shift the blame, or just a case of unfortunate wording, it really is deeply offensive and has caused great hurt in a sector you supposedly champion in words, maybe not in deeds."

MPs including Stephen Farry (Alliance Party), Caroline Lucas (Green), Clive Lewis (Labour) and Liberal Democrat MPs Wendy Chamberlain, Jamie Stone and Wera Hobhouse have all signed the letter.

Commenting, Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran said:  "These crass comments from the Minister about social care are not only untrue but are deeply offensive to the thousands of care staff who have gone above and beyond during this crisis.

"Boris needs to come forward, admit he made a mistake and apologise.

"But he needs to go further and offer a long term plan for the future of social care and give the staff the pay rise they deserve."

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