Layla Moran

Resolution Foundation report - Introduce UBI to prevent U-shaped living standards crisis

Put ideology aside, put people first and implement a Universal Basic Income.Lib Dem MP Layla Moran has renewed her calls on the Government to implement a Universal Basic Income following a Resolution Foundation report that has found younger and older workers face being at the forefront of a living standards crisis due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Lib Dem MP Layla Moran said: “Too many people, young and old alike, will fall through the cracks of the Government's schemes if urgent action isn't taken. As it stands the Government is running the risk of millions of people starting and ending their careers on Universal Credit. 

“A Universal Basic Income is the best safeguard that the Government can put into place to make sure that we don’t see a 'U shaped' living standards crisis, with millions being deeply affected for years to come. UBI needs to be introduced alongside a national retraining scheme for adults of all ages.

“Young people at the start of their careers and those approaching retirement should not have to feel the weight of financial insecurity on their shoulders during these testing times. That’s why I’m urging the Government to put ideology aside, put people first, and implement a Universal Basic Income.”

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