Layla Moran

Oxfordshire schools “are at breaking point” and need new money for teachers pay rise

Layla Moran is leading a campaign calling on the Government to deliver new, dedicated money to fund future teachers’ pay rises after telling Parliament that local schools wouldn’t be able to cope if they had to pay salary increases from existing budgets.


Layla - a former teacher and current governor at Botley School - told MPs and Government Schools Minister Nick Gibb during a House of Commons debate that “schools have now got to the point where they can cut no more without affecting frontline staff, and that will lead to a drop in the quality of service that we can give children and parents across the country.”

She went on to say that “teachers are at breaking point, and parents are beginning to see the real effects of the cost pressures”

Replying for the Government, Schools Minister Nick Gibb said “we have to live within our budget, and the Treasury has to work with the tax receipts it receives and deal with the historic budget deficit it inherited.”

Now Layla Moran is spearheading a cross-party campaign for a dedicated pot of money from the Treasury to fund any pay rises for teachers.

The School Teachers Pay Review body has been looking into the issue of teachers pay and has made recommendations to the Government, which Education Ministers are due to respond to in the near future.

Commenting, Layla said:

“We have seen school spending slashed, resulting in a narrowing curriculum and dedicated, hardworking teachers being forced out of the profession they love. Up and down the country, parents are already fundraising to pay for resources for schools. This shows the scale of the problem.
“Our hardworking teachers deserve a pay rise, but quite simply schools will not be able to cope if they have to fund pay increases from existing budgets.
“Despite raising this issue several times in Parliament, Education Ministers are refusing to say if they will give schools the money they need to pay for any increases in pay.
“Cross-party support is building. The Government must commit to new funding to ensure teachers get a decent pay rise without placing extra pressure on school budgets.”

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